Hi! My name is Thomas.

I started out as a big believer in science and mathematics, which I still do believe in. I have a degree in computer science and mathematics. However my interest wasn’t just in those 2 areas. I also liked biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy and psychology. I would read a lot of articles and watch Youtube videos on these subjects, I still do in fact. However over time I learned that while science is a great tool for learning about the physical and material world we live in. It is a poor tool to measure the psychic and supernatural. Many events changed my view on life and I learned that there is more to this material world, and science was limited in scope. So I started doing what I do best and research, I gather vast amounts of knowledge and put the pieces together.

To this day I am still learning more about science and the psychic phenomena. I am not expert, I will not make any claims that any of the information I give is factual. In fact the very reason psychic phenomena is not widely accepted is because it is so difficult to prove when we live in a material/physical world. I tend to overthink things and there is still so many questions I have regarding the psychic. I think all of us who believe in the psychic have questions as there is no way for us to know for certain what is true. My hope is that my overthinking can provide some answers to some of the questions you have regarding this phonema. At the very least, give you inspiration or make you think about it. If someone who is a nonbeliever stumbles upon this and starts their journey for the truth, that would my greatest accomplishment and reward.

I hope that you join me in my journey for the truth, if there even is a truth (something I will eventually write about) and hopefully we can figure this out together.