The Earth – A Matrix Prison or School of Learning?

Is the Earth a slave farm or are we in a school of learning in order to better ourselves? These are two popular ideas I have seen thrown around in the spiritual community. They are popular for a reason as they both make great points. In this article I want to address both ideas and make the reader think about these ideas and weigh them both. I know that many people already have preconceived notions about what the truth is. However you can’t reach the truth without evaluating both sides extensively.

Earth is a matrix slave farm

The idea comes from the Gnostic belief that the god-like entities known as Archons have tricked human souls into getting trapped on the planet Earth in a reincarnation cycle. The Archons collectively are known as the Demiurge and they have transformed the Earth into a prison used to harvest negative emotional energy from humans to sustain themselves and the matrix. The Gnostic belief is a post-Christianity idea and actually stems from Christianity itself. However to say that Gnosticism has much in common with Christianity is a mistake. The ideas Gnosticism are quite far removed from traditional Christianity.

Now there are several variations of the Gnostic beliefs or different belief that stem from Gnosticism. One belief is that all angels, mythical gods and even Jesus Christ himself are Archons playing god to lead us astray from the truth. Another variation says that The Archons are false gods but there are true gods and angels helping us from afar. Others say the we are the gods stemming directly from the “source” and the Archons are lower beings trying to get power over us. Some say that there are multiple powers at play each fighting each other for their portion of the meal. Regardless of what the variations are the core belief is that we are souls in a prison being harvested, hence the slave farm.

What part of this is believable?

For someone who is not spiritually inclined this may seem like fantastical nonsense, which is understandable if your beliefs lie only in the material world. However I am not writing this to persuade anyone to believe in Gnosticism, instead I am merely comparing two different ideas within the spiritual community and let the reader decided for themselves.

This is a compelling idea to those in the spiritual community because in many forms of altered states of mind the idea of a matrix keeps appearing. Whether it be, psychedelics, astral projection, alien encounters, hypnosis, lucid dreams and more. It is something that consistently appears and it explains why diseases, hate, pain exists in the world. Also when looking at the state of the world now at the time of this article, with covid19, inflation, labor shortages, supply issues, global warming and our leaders are doing nothing to address the bigger issue. It truly can feel like our leaders are under the influence of something evil. Even psychopaths would to try to preserve themselves.

Earth a school from which human souls learn and improve themselves

The idea of a slave farm lies at odds with another popular idea. The idea the Earth is a school of sorts and we are learning to improve ourselves hence the reincarnation cycle. This idea adds to the hermetic idea that all living entities and realities stem from the “god of all”, the source. This “new age” idea says the “the all” desires to learn more about itself because it doesn’t understand itself. To do this it split itself into an infinite planes of existence and infinite number of beings in order to live out an infinite amount of experiences. It also split itself into several minor and greater gods which include humans. Many of these beings are here to search for answers and learn about themselves (since ultimately we are all collectively all the same god). In order to accomplish this we willingly reincarnate ourselves over and over experiencing different lives as completely new people.

It is important to note that this idea is not a school in the traditional sense but rather a journey to experience life itself. We may not be being graded or graduating but we are learning through experience.

What is wrong with Gnosticism?

Personally I subscribe the Gnostic belief that we are in fact in a prison, there is too many sources that point towards that. However the problem that I have with it is the mentality it inspires with people. In forums I come across people have rejected the idea of “self improvement”. Instead focusing on the negative aspects of the world. If you believe that fear is the main power source of the Demiurge while actively telling people the world is a slave farm this can produce fear in some people. Inspiring fear while rejecting self improvement is counterproductive to the message the Gnostic believer is trying to achieve.

There is also another variation that I mostly agree but has one major glaring issue. If you believe that the spirit self is “all knowing” and because we stem from the source we have access to all knowledge in the universe. Believers of this see no need to believe in self improvement because they believe that we already have all the answers locked within us. The problem with this is that if you believe our higher selves have all the answers then you have to ask yourself why did the “god of all” from split itself in the first place? Granted maybe it just did so for fun but maybe just as valid an opinion is that it split itself to learn about itself. Meaning that the all doesn’t have all the answers and we are indeed here to learn.

What is wrong with the “school of learning” idea?

The big elephant in the room is that each incarnation cycle we have our memories erased. If we are indeed on a journey to learn why do we have our memories erased each cycle and how do we exit if we don’t know why we came here to begin with? You could argue that by having our memories erased it allows us to live new experiences unbiased from the previous ones. If you think about it, if you progressed through each incarnation cycle without having your memories erased each time you would learn less and less. However by having your memory erased you learn new things that you wouldn’t have learned before. Hypnosis tells us that we still have those memories locked away we just don’t have access to them so each incarnation cycle is not wasted. As for how we would escape, we would have to assume that our divine self prepared an “eject button” metaphorically speaking, or that we have allies on the other side that will bail us out when the time is right.


Neither idea is entirely wrong and it would be very foolish to discard them entirely when the bulk of both ideas have substance. I also find that the ideas may not be mutually exclusive in the first place. You can believe we are trapped in a prison while also believing in spreading love and growing as a person in order to escape. You can believe we are in a school of learning while also believing the prison system is just there to help us grow.

It is my firm belief that a person that truly seeks the higher self will strive to improve themselves. Whether the higher self is all knowing or not we need to improve ourselves to attain it. Someone who begrudgingly holds on to an idea and refuses to seek any other opinions is not someone who seeks to improve themselves. To attain “true” wisdom both sides of the scale need to be weighed, and divine discernment must be used. In the end it may not even matter what you believe as long that belief propels you towards your higher self, the higher self will help find the truth.

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