Is the universe a simulation?

The simple answer is we don’t know. Like many ideas discussed on this blog, they can’t be proven. If we are indeed in a matrix it would be extremely difficult to prove considering you and I are in the matrix. We can’t figure it out unless we are on the outside looking in. However for this post I would like to write about ideas that support we are indeed in a matrix and explore them. While there is no direct scientific evidence, there are scientific ideas that “suggest” we are in a matrix. Of course, there is also plenty of psychic and paranormal phenomena that also hints that we are in a matrix and I will look at those as well.

Do the laws of Physics forbid the existence of a matrix?
this I mean if we hypothetically had the technology and resources to construct a world or even a universe digitally to such detail it seems lifelike without violating the laws physics. I’m not including life or conscious beings just the universe, if I were to include humans then I would have to open another can of beans. The answer to the previous question is yes, we already to this to some extent. Of course, the digital universes we create are not lifelike to the point we can’t distinguish them from reality but given the resources it is possible to create a large universe with life like graphics. We already have already created a universe simulator, The docking simulator created by SpaceX contains a physics engine that simulates the laws of physics quite well,

The double slit experiment
If you have ever taken a chemistry of physics class you have probably heard of the famous double slit experiment. If you haven’t heard of it’s actually very fascinating even if you are not into science. Basically, scientists wanted to confirm whether light is a wave or a particle, to do so they needed to fire the light into a copper plate with two parallel slits. If the photons (light) passed through both slits it would create an interference pattern on their screen confirming that light is a wave. The reason for this is because the waves interact with each other to create the pattern. However, when the scientists shot a single light photon it did not behave like a particle instead it behaved like a wave creating an interference pattern with itself. If that was not strange enough, when they actively tried to observe the photon and measure the photon, the photon behaved like a particle creating no interference pattern.

It was almost as if the light itself was alive and being cheeky. The scientists concluded that simply observing the light changes its behavior. We now call light particles photons. Photons have both properties of waves and particles. This experiment does not confirm the existence of a matrix but it does suggest that the universe only renders things when being observed. Video games very much function in the same way, they only render the part that is being observed. When you are playing a character in world, only the surroundings immediately visible to you are displayed, the rest of the world only loads when it is within sight. This is done in video games to conserve energy and computation power.

We live a universe of pure energy
It is a known fact that atoms themselves don’t have a physical form, atoms are made of pure energy. The atoms that make up humans, the trees, the desk and computer you are using are not solid. When the atoms come together to form all the material objects of the universe they don’t solidify, they never cease to be energy we simply have the illusion that the objects we interact with, like a chair or desk, are solid. Just like the characters in a video game are simply electrical impulses created by the computer it is also possible our universe could operate in a similar fashion.

Beings from an altered states of mind all say the same thing
Astral guides, machine elves, psychedelic entities, religions like Gnosticism and even some people who have encountered extraterrestrials all have a very similar message. They say that this reality is not real, whether it be a low density reality or a prison constructed to enslave humans it seems that the idea this reality isn’t everything pops up in different areas of the psychic and paranormal.

In my opinion it seems highly likely that we are in a simulation. As to what kind of simulation and what its purpose is I cannot say.

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