Can the light be used against you?

In my previous post I talked about some reasons why potentially some astral beings are not reaching out to someone. One of the reasons I listed is that the astral beings have their own identities and personalities. This led me to think that some of the astral beings can potentially be harmful or bad. I while ago I read a negative experience from NGC_2264 on the Nexus forum. In the post NGC_2264 writes in detail his experience with hyperspace entities. It’s quite a lengthy read but essentially, he encountered multiple entities that pretended to be his friend and used a vast array of psychological tricks, illusions as well as caused physical harm to him. All so they could recruit him for their purpose, whatever it is they wanted from him. Lucky NGC_2264 backed out before they could recruit him but not before they caused lasting damage to his being. At the end of the post NGC_2264 tells us that he is still hast not fully recovered from that experience and he can still hear those beings calling out to him, insulting him and berating him at all times.

I’m not going to argue whether his experience was true or if he just made it up. I’m going to assume that it is true. The fact is if there is potential danger out there, we have to take it into consideration. There are plenty of ideas out there and labels for these beings, but nobody can really prove them. It is extremely important to consider that these beings can be harmful and that it is possible what happened to NGC_2264 can happen to others as well. For that reason, I’m going to operate on the premise that he is telling us the truth.

I was honestly surprised at the amount of trickery these beings were capable of and how intelligent they were. When NGC_2264 says that he can only describe them as demons, I agree. After reading through his post, they definitely seem to be demons. In fact, I think that if other people in early history encountered these beings that may be where the idea of demons originated. They first start out by helping him out in several ways. He starts out by saying that on his first encounter he felt like something was uploaded into his brain. NGC_2264 gains greater mental capabilities such as staying conscious and aware during lucid dreaming, substance use became more lucid. He would also have “conversations” with some part of himself which gave him the answers to any problem he had. It is later revealed that several hyperspace beings were responsible for these actions.

It won’t go into detail on all the ways they manipulated NGC_2264 but I do want to point out some of the more subtle ways they manipulated him. The hyperspace beings always exuded a feeling of superiority and they made sure to let NGC_2264 know his place. Whether they are actually superior to him or not is debatable. At one point they showed him a being that NGC_2264 felt was god. A being that encompasses everything and so indescribably big. If you have read about other people’s experience in the astral space or hyperspace you may have come across that hyperspace beings are afraid of us and that we humans hold more power than we think. However, that is not what I want to point out. I want to let you know that these beings have the ability to project “feelings” onto us. In other words, they can manipulate what we feel. Eventually NGC_2264 figured out that the being he saw as god was most likely just an illusion, it was the projection of the demons in order to convince him to join their cause. It is our duty to distinguish whether these feelings that we are experiencing are justified and to not be easily swayed by them.

Another way they tried to deceive NGC_2264 is they used a lot of mythological and fantastical imagery and symbolism. Many humans love that stuff, we want to believe that there is some sort of power hidden in stones, gems, runes and sigils. We want to believe that we understand complex symbols and that we are being enlightened. While that may be true for many things, keep in mind that this can be used against us. Like dangling a carrot in front of a horse.
In a similar fashion, those negative beings can deceive us by making us think that we are part of something bigger and grander. The demons showed NGC_2264 illusions of war and great battles. They tried to initiate him into some sort of initiation ceremony accompanied by music and other “people” all in order to make him think that he was part of something big.

With all this in mind do you think that these negative beings can use ideas such as love, light and enlightenment against us? I’m not saying to not believe in these ideas but instead issuing a warning that the beings can potentially use these ideas against us. They can pretend to be enlightened, to be beings of light and they can play a long term game, stringing us along dangling a carrot in front of us. “As above, so below, as below, so above”, humans can pretend to love, to be friends to teach us for selfish or nefarious purposes. If humans down here on Earth are capable of that then so are the beings above.

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