Why isn’t my astral guide contacting me?

Have you ever tried to astral project? Have you tried meditating for months have you tried psycho active substances in hopes to meet your astral guide in hopes of receiving guidance but to no avail? In this article I would like to give some possible reasons why your spirit guides are not reaching out to you. Please keep in mind that these are just my personal ideas and that I am not and do not profess to be an expert on the psychic or supernatural.
Whenever I think about things, I tried to approach things from several different angles. I consider many possibilities. Each idea is it’s own separate thought some ideas may work well together while others may conflict.

1. Your emotions are too extreme
Too much fear, anger or even excitement is harmful to astral beings at least from what I have gathered. Emotions are a dominating force in the astral space and if you are not careful your emotions can end up harming the beings withing that realm.

2. As above so below, as below so above
Have you ever heard of the expression “As above so below, as below so above”? I think many of us who believe is psychic phenomena can agree that the astral realm is a state of higher existence than us here on Earth. In that case the “above” would the astral plane the “below” would be Earth. On Earth we have a great variety of people with different personalities, if the hermetic principal is true then should we assume the same applies to the beings of the astral plane. It’s possible the beings are do not care about guiding the person who they are assigned to, maybe they’re just lazy just like some humans are on Earth. We should assume that the beings have their own personalities, interests, and beliefs such as we do.

3. Are they required to guide us? Are we taking it for granted?
Expanding on the hermetic principal of “As above so below, as below so above.” We have to consider what kind of rules the astral beings abide by. Do they even have rules? Personally, I would think so however we really have no way of knowing what they are. I think it is entirely possible that they are not required to guide us and some of them simply reach out to us out of their own good will. If we assume they are like us, would you take time out of your day to help someone else out? Some people would others would ask for compensation especially if the task is great. The astral beings could be operating on a give and take basis depending on the being?

4. They want to reach out to you, but they can’t
Maybe the beings desperately want to speak with you, maybe they are waiting anxiously for the moment they can finally talk to you. Maybe it is causing them great anguish that they are not able to reach out to you. I will list out a few reasons here but know that there can a multitude of reasons why a willing astral being would not be able to reach out to you.
One reason is, you simply aren’t ready. Meeting an astral being can be lifechanging, it can change your beliefs and mindset drastically for better or for worse. A being who truly cares about you would keep this in mind before approaching you.
Another reason is there is some sort of blockage. Are you the persons who shuts out other people? I am unfortunately, it doesn’t help that I’m an introvert person. In doing so you may be blocking out the astral beings as well. One way to combat this is to find out the roots of what is causing your mistrust and face it, learn to trust slowly.

5. You are doing well, and you don’t need to meet them
For this example we have to assume that the astral beings only contact us for sole purpose of helping us. It excludes the possibility that they just want to be friends with us which I believe is extremely unlikely but still possible. With that in mind the astral beings may see that we are doing well and do not need to help us. It may also be possible that you are not doing well and feel that you need help and guidance. In this case we have to assume that the beings have access to a bigger picture than us. Maybe they see that you will do well in the future and them interfering with us will put us off course. Even if we feel that we need help the astral beings may see things differently because they have access to the big picture.
It’s also possible the don’t have access to a bigger picture and can only have a limited view of what you are experiencing. This could create a difference in opinion between the person and the astral being. You could experiencing problems but the Astral being could be seeing things completely differently because they have a limited view.
It is also possible that you don’t have an astral guide maybe the greater powers that be have deemed that you do not need an astral guide assigned.

I would like to let anyone know who was contacted their astral guide and has received help with them to be grateful for them. Let them know you appreciate them and consider their feelings as well. However I would also like to issue a warning as well, be cautious. We don’t know much about them and the world the operate in, we don’t know what rules they abide by. I personally am a big believer in the hermetic principals. If there are bad humans in this world then their must be bad astral guides as well. They are intelligent just like people on Earth and they can find crafty non obvious ways of deceiving us if their intention is bad.

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