The Succubus

Normally I don’t delve very deep into the occult, however I came across this on a forum which at first I thought was role playing or fan fiction. It was a paranormal board dealing with conspiracies, occult and the like. However as I read more about it, it seems that some of the users take it quite seriously. As I […]

Is the universe a simulation?

The simple answer is we don’t know. Like many ideas discussed on this blog, they can’t be proven. If we are indeed in a matrix it would be extremely difficult to prove considering you and I are in the matrix. We can’t figure it out unless we are on the outside looking in. However for this post I would like […]

Can the light be used against you?

In my previous post I talked about some reasons why potentially some astral beings are not reaching out to someone. One of the reasons I listed is that the astral beings have their own identities and personalities. This led me to think that some of the astral beings can potentially be harmful or bad. I while ago I read a […]

Why isn’t my astral guide contacting me?

Have you ever tried to astral project? Have you tried meditating for months have you tried psycho active substances in hopes to meet your astral guide in hopes of receiving guidance but to no avail? In this article I would like to give some possible reasons why your spirit guides are not reaching out to you. Please keep in mind […]